The Science of Salmon – An Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory in Campbell River

Go behind the scenes at this cutting edge salmon laboratory located in Campbell River, BC. Hundreds of samples are processed every day here for environmentalists as well as aquaculture farmers, to ensure that all salmon is in top health, free from bacterial pathogens, viruses and parasites.

The scientists working at this fish lab are deeply concerned about aquatic health, therefore they act as an independent laboratory that is non-partisan to the salmon farming debate which allows the testing this lab performs to deliver non-biased results.

Oyster River Hatchery: Restoring a Damaged Ecosystem

Watch the incredible story of Oyster River Hatchery, a volunteer-run salmon hatchery located south of Campbell River B.C. Ron Gammie is the president of the Oyster River Enhancement Society that runs this operation, leading a group of dedicated individuals that are passionate about wild fish conservation.

This project has been running for many years now and has already seen great success in restoring salmon stocks that were nearly wiped out due to run off from the copper and coal mining industries. Ron is a firm believer that Salmon people need to work together to protect wild fish, and that would not be possible without the assistance and presence of salmon farms.

The Craft of Coho: High Demand For A Premium Product

Check out the cutting edge of land-based salmon farming taking place at the Golden Eagle coho salmon farm located in Agassiz, British Columbia. With a focus of creating a high quality product that sells for a premium, its operators liken it to a craft beer scale of endeavor which provides year round to an eager customer base.

Although land-based fish farming is not a viable or practical solution at a large scale (due to high demands on resources and energy), this story shows how it can still be very successful when applied to a small niche market with high demand and customers willing to pay a premium.

Saving Wild Salmon in Canada’s Pacific Northwest

Watch this amazing story about British Columbia’s Quatsino Lodge, which has raised 80,000 baby Chinook salmon in an ocean net pen for release to the wild in an effort to support and replenish wild fish stocks.


Salmon farmers came to the rescue of local volunteers to help make the project possible, offering expertise, equipment, guidance and financial support. This tale proves, once again, that when salmon people work together, they can accomplish wonders.

How aquaculture protects wild fish with Dr. Don Noakes

Sharing Salmon interviewed fisheries scientist and Vancouver Island University science & technology dean Dr. Don Noakes to learn the scientific facts behind responsible aquaculture. In this video, Dr. Noakes explains that in his opinion there is no credible science that shows a negative impact of salmon farms on British Columbia’s wild salmon populations.